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the life and rhymes of dj perly 



 about perly

DJ Perly is a Bronx born Puerto Rican Russian American DJ and the first woman to win TWICE the US Finals of the DMC annual DJ battle in 2017 and in 2022. Perly is also a 4X DMC World DJ Battle world Finalist, a stunning accomplishment from a woman DJ in a heavily male dominated field.

Perly’s DJ journey began at the age of 12 years old. Perly is a self taught DJ and started out on vinyl, which she would eventually switch over and teach herself Serato Scratch Live software years later. She taught herself by ear how to DJ after hearing the styles and sounds of Mark Ronson and Aaron LaCrate during their Friday night online radio show “Authentic Shit” on East Village Radio.  After each show, Perly would try to teach herself the scratches and mix blends that she heard from their sets with her father’s turntable set up, which eventually became hers. Along her journey, she was inspired and influenced by DJ AM (RIP), A-Trak, and DJ Qbert which continue her hunger and lit a fire within her for her passion in music. As time went on, Perly’s 1st exposure to the DJ battle world would be a video of A-trak’s winning 1997 DMC World set, (pre the YouTube that we all know now) and instantaneous - Perly knew in her heart it was a path and a goal she wanted to achieve. Perly spent hours, late nights into early mornings, and years learning and dedicating herself to perfect her craft - mixing and scratching.  

Her journey to success wasn’t easy an easy clime as some think it was, but her motivation never ceased to keep pushing herself forward. 

In 2015 Perly entered her 1st battle in the DMC NYC Regional battle, where she battled against 27 other male competitors. Perly didn't win but her determination and focused never lost hope. Her success began in 2016 where she was one of only few females to compete in a Freestyle Mondays battle where she became a three-time champion. She then went on to the New York City DMC DJ battles, becoming  the first lady DJ to win a regional US DMC DJ battle, and then winning the 2016 DMC USA title. Unfortunately the next day 12 hours later, an announcement was made in which there a mix up in score calculations that officially placed Perly in 2nd not 1st place - becoming the 1st female Vice Champion. Thankfully, she was giving a pass to compete in the 2017 DMC USA finals by the DMC President Tony Prince SR. after the confusion and mix up that had occurred. As devastated and heartbroken as she was by this mix up, Perly never lost her hope for winning.


On August 2017, she became the first ever female to win the National USA DMC DJ Championship. No woman had ever achieved that title since the start of the battle in 1985. As the USA champion, DJ Perly went on to compete in the 2017 international DMC World Championships in London, where she placed fourth in the world, thus cementing her name in DMC history as the first American female and only the second female ever to compete at the world level in the 32-year history of DMC DJ battle competition. On August 2018 Perly became the 1st female to defend her 2017 DMC USA title and placed 3rd cementing her in DMC history as the 1st female to consecutively place in a DMC National battle. A notable fact, Perly actually battled and defended her title with a broken finger which only gave her less than 1- 2 months to prepare for that battle.

In 2021, Perly made her triumphant return in the DMC World battles that were held online virtually due to the global Covid-19 pandemic social distancing restrictions. Perly cemented herself in history once again as becoming, possibly, the only Woman from the in United States, and possible in the world, to becoming a 3X DMC world finalist! Perly Placed herself as a world finalist in the DMC World Portablist and DMC Beat Juggling Categories - placing 6th and 7th out of a combined number of 193 entries from across the globe! (Stats from both battles categories: 85 Portablists & 108 Beat Juggling entries) 


In 2022, Perly made a triumphant splash in the DMC battle scene! In the 2022 Technics DMC Beat Juggle Category, Perly WON 3RD PLACE in the world finals! She continued to make another historic splash in the DMC U.S. Nationals Battle by winning her second title, crowning her the 2022 DMC USA Champion, representing the United States in the World Finals, a legendary achievement in the DMC battle's 37 year history. Once again Perly cemented herself in history as the only Puerto Rican Woman to place in the top 3 in a DMC World Finals battle and a DMC Nationals battle weeks apart. 

Perly has also collaborated and done brand work with Levi's for their Live In Levi's '18 Spring/Summer Music-style campaign, celebrating diversity and community alongside fellow DJs and artists Janette Beckman, B Plus, Cey Adams, Stretch And Bobbito, and Natasha Diggs.  Perly has been seen and featured on The Heavy Hitters Sirius XM Radio and SiriusXM Fly Radio shows. Perly  is a Rane, Numark & Serato Artist / Brand Ambassador, and has done brand work for Honor 6C Pro, Levi's Fall/Winter'18 market launch event, HBO MAX's The Flight Attendant Season 2 Screening, 2023 Web Awards after party with DJ Jazzy Jeff, performed at Carnegie Hall, and Idea Generation In Conversation with Big Daddy Kane after party.

DJ Perly has played along side and or opened for Africa Bambambaataa, INVISIBL SKRATCH PIKLZ, The X-Ecutioners, De La Soul, Grandwizzard Theodore, Lord Finesse, Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito, DJ Tony Touch, Big Daddy Kane, and more.

In 2017 Perly was nominated for a Global Spin Award 2017 'Turntablist of the Year'. Perly has also was nominated and won DJane Mag 2018 Best Scratch DJ Award. Perly is also an Alumni of DJ Jazzy Jeff's Playlist Retreat '19 and she is a current member of the World Famous DJ Crew, The Heavy Hitters. Perly has also been coined the "The Queen of the 1's & 2's" by Bronx Hip Hop Pioneer legends Grandmaster Caz and Grandmaster Melle Mel.  


  • 3X Freestyle Monday's Champion

  •  Roc The Tables Scratch Battle -  3rd Place

  • 2016 DMC NYC Regional Champion (1st Female)

  • 2016 DMC USA Vice Champion (1st Female)

  • 2017 DMC USA Champion (1st Female)

  • 2017 DMC World Finalist - 4th Place

  • 2017 Global Spin Awards 'Turntablist Of The Year' Nominee 

  • 2018 3rd Place DMC USA Champion (As Defending 2017 DMC USA Champion)  

  • 2018 DJane Mag Best Scratch DJ 

  •  2021 DMC Numark Portablist

      World Finalist - 6th place

  • 2021 DMC World Beat

     Juggle Finalist - 7th place

  • 2022 DMC Technics Portablist World Finalist - 7th Place

  • 2022 DMC Technics Beat Juggle World Champion, 3rd Place

  • 2022 DMC USA Champion (1st Female 2X National champion) 

  • 2023 DMC Technics Beat Juggle World Finalist

  • 2023 DMC Technics USA Finals, 3rd ( As defending 2022 DMC USA Champion) 

  Other Battles participated in   

 •  2015 DMC NYC Regional battle

 •  2016 DJ Brace Close Cuts Online

    Portable Scratch battle

 •  2016 Battle Ave NYC Cut2Cut  

    Scratch Battle

 •  2016 Almighty Skratcher NJ

    Scratch battle

  • 2016 IDA USA Online Scratch Battle 

 •  2018 Skratch Bastid's Anderson

    Paak #Comedownskratchchallenge

    Online scratch challenge

  • 2020 Heavy Hits DJ Pool #Headandheartdjchallenge Online finalist

 •  2021 Serato Studio x Splice Beat

    Fighter Slam Dunk Beat battle

 •  2021 DMC World

   Numark  Portablist battle Finals 

 •  2021 DMC World Beat Juggle



 • 2022 DMC World Technics 

Portablist Finals


• 2022 heavy Hits DJ Pool                    #LASTLASTDJCHALLENEGE


• 2023 DMC Technics Portablist World Finals 


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