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Serato Stems: A game changer that has changed & evolved the art of DJing forever!

Serato definitely has the sauce right here!

Photo by Serato


The word is out and the rumors are true! SERATO STEMS!!!

I can finally talk about this!! Yes this is the “Sawce” I was talking about in the video and yes, it’s going to enhance your recipes and wake up your tastebuds! Musically of course!

Where do I begin?!? Fist and foremost, a huge thank you to Serato and the entire team for having me apart of this shoot. It’s always an honor to just be amongst my peers in anything music. Especially to be apart of a line up of ground breaking icons, sincerely grateful for the opportunity. Shout Out Kayper, Jazzy Jeff and Skratch Bastid!

Some of you may think or say, “Perly, who cares? It’s just a promo video, whatever no big deal.” Nah, to me it’s more than a promo video. Maybe it's the Imposter Syndrome talking or I'm just humble and don’t have an ego like some people I’ve crossed paths with but you see, I’ve been using Serato since the Scratch Live days waaayy back in 2009 and it’s been part of my journey for soo many years and I’ve never regretted being a Serato user. So to have these amazing people ask me to be included into something like this momentous and game changing - is more than an honor.

Yes all vinyl purists, and those who oppose new technology, have their fair say about today's evolving technology and another things, but in reality, Serato is apart of our art of DJ’ing. You may say it's now apart of our DNA just like vinyl and classic analog equipment. It's not about what we have but it's about what we do with it. What we can create and how we express our ideas is what's the main focus. Serato is our paint brushes and music is our paint, or vice versa. Serato is our spices, the extra added love added our ingredients to the musical recipe. It’s the Ying to the Yang. You picking up what I’m laying down? I hope so.

Anyways, to see Serato’s growth and be apart of it like many of us, through the years has been a beautiful journey. If you would’ve told Lil Perlz back then in 2009 that Serato was going to do some mind blowing creative revolution wizardry with music and somehow I would be apart of it and further witness history be made, I would’ve never believe you. I would’ve never believed you if you would’ve told me that I would become a Serato Artist ambassador! (DJ PERLY: Serato Artist) Truly still an honor.

Ahem.. and now the moment we’ve been waiting for. Drum roll please! *Drum roll* SERATO STEMS!! The crowd goes wild and minds are blown!!

When I first heard about this update my mind was blown! Absolutely mind melting! Learning and hearing about it in it’s Beta stages during the video shoot made me excited for what was to come in regards to creating new mixes, routines, edits etc.. I had no idea that this update was actually happening for Serato, until I saw it with my own eyes. Ideas, questions, and moments of “Nahhh, you can do that now?!?” filled my mind up with thoughts and ideas that I’ve haven’t explored before. An actual representation of me at the Serato Studios🤯🤯🤯 Plus a huge smile added after😆 That moment seeing Serato Stems for the 1st time was very special. The feeling was kinda like getting an exclusive pair of Air Jordan’s that nobody has yet because it's an extreme limited release that only 50 pairs are made in the world. Is this what Dj Khaled feels like when he gets his exclusive kicks???

Serato Stems feature is very intuitive and will defiantly surprise you at what you can create. I’m telling you, this is the “Secret Sawce”! That extra spice that make you do a *chef kiss* with almost every new idea you come across. It's so spicy that it smacks harder than a chancleta!

*insert lols*

Anyways, Yes of course other programs this and other programs that blah blah blah….but honestly this it legit!! Say what you want but this is just the one of many great things that has happened, and continue to happen, in DJ’ing! Phase, Serato, etc..

Jeff says it perfectly here:

Video by Serato HQ

This new update is truly something that everyone has being dreaming of, including myself. I’ve spent so much time trying to find acapellas and other bits and pieces for my projects and to only find out that one or the other pieces don’t exists or I need to pay money to a website that could be a scam: before I knew it, the time was wasted and I’ve lost my idea for that project. Now it’s all at my fingertips. Within seconds I can capture the essence of my idea and basically sketch out an idea and build up on it without wondering the web for hours just to be disappointed or end up getting distracted by going down a rabbit hole wondering if Elvis is still alive??! Not gonna lie, this actually happened recently… fell into that rabbit hole and whelp…¯\_(ツ)_/¯ That is one crazy trip of theories I may say so myself. I’ll let you do your own research. Did you know?!? - Jk, not going there..

Now with Stems, Anything is possible. Hopefully social media doesn’t get tooo overly saturated with mashups and such but as I see it, it’s a starting point to finding your own creativity and finding your own voice in what YOU the artist wants to do, create and put out into the world with music. Could this be a learning tool? Sure! This could teach your ears or help you re learn skills in a different setting about song structure, key ranges and timing, dropping one the 1 and when to properly drop out certain key components in your sets etc… sure why not, nothing is off limits. This new feature is a true game changer and who knows where else the art and craft of Dj’ing will lead us next?! It’s an exciting time for us Djs, producers, and music nerds. It’s the moment for us all to really discover and surprise ourselves without hesitation to creative and see our true musical potential. And yes, this is “the sawce” to spice up your recipes aka mixes😉

Love it, like it, or just being a salty old mehh about it, be grateful that we’re having these tools to help bring out our ideas and creative sides to a new level. Work smarter, not harder! I can’t tell you what to do, so do you.

Either way, rest assured, this will definitely put smiles on your faces and also your listeners faces. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility. Use Stems wisely and have fun!

Whelp, the secret sauce is out, now go make your own recipes and be creative.

Cheers for now!



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