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‘Sisterhood of Hip Hop II’ @ BMHC

Francisco Molina Reyes II Photography


" The DJ tenet of the culture was rep’d by the phenomenal DJ Perly who was herself born in The Bronx. Since receiving the personal endorsement of the great Grandmaster Caz, back in 2016, at the Tools of War Park Jams (Spanish Harlem Hop), DJ Perly has gone on to make her own contributions to hip hop history."

A huge shout out to everyone in the 1st photo! These talented and passionate artists came together as 1 and shared their love for what they do. Truly inspiring hear their stories and seeing them perform with all their heart made me want to hear and see more of their talents. From the bgirls to the artists to the mcs thank you for sharing the good vibes!

Huge thank you to Francisco Molina Reyes II Photography for capturing the memories and sharing these shots! please go check out his page for more!! Link Below


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