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Mass Appeal interview

Featured interview by Anne Kristoff

" For about 12 hours last summer, DJ Perly was the #1 DJ in the United States of America. She had been crowned Champion at the DMC USA Finals in L.A. and fell asleep with dreams of heading overseas to compete for world domination. A few hours later, however, she was having her Steve Harvey moment as DMC officials had to make the tough call of letting her know that the tabulations were wrong and that she had, in fact, lost."

A huge thanks and salute to Anne Kristoff and the crew at Mass Appeal for having me be featured on their site! Truly is an honor to have my 1st interview by the legendary #massappeal This was a fun interview and got to talk about my DJ influences, hipsters, a brief chat of post 2016 DMC USA finals, and the hope of Lady Gaga reading this interview! Haha! Thanks again Anne Kristoff, hope to chat again soon! For the full interview click on the picture above and or click on the featured link below


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