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Welcome to the world famous heavy hitters.

Heavy Hitters, Class of 2020


Ending 2019 with gratitude and walking into 2020 with ambition!

No words can express the amount of gratitude of being welcomed into the legendary Heavy Hitters DJ Crew! I’m at a loss of words, in a good way, and I am forever thankful for DJ Enuff of Hot 97, DJ Boogie Blind, DJ Fatfingaz, DJ DPOne, and the entire HH family for the welcome! I’m excited and inspired to learn more with mis Heavy Hitters hermanos y hermanas. I’m looking forward for this new journey/adventure to begin! *insert air horn*

Photo credit: @theHeavyHitters via Instagram

Truly is an honor to be part of the new incoming Class of 2020 Heavy Hitters. What’s astounding is that new crew members are not just from the east coast of the Untied states, but actually members from coast to coast! What‘s even more amazing and inspiring is that the crew has been around for 20 years with a diverse back ground of skills and styles *insert air horn*

For anyone who isn't familiar with the Heavy Hitters crew here's a mini summary on the early beginnings of the Heavy Hitters Crew starting with DJ Enuff:

"Enuff became a part of The Flip Squad All-Star DJs, eight of New York City's most respected DJs: Funkmaster Flex, Biz Markie, "BounceMasta" Doo Wop, Big Kap, DJ Enuff, Mister Cee, Frankie Cutlass, DJ Riz, Cipha Sounds and Mark Ronson. Their self-titled debut LP was released on MCA in late 1998. They disbanded around this time however; Funkmaster Flex started his own crew called the Big Dawg Pitbulls, while DJ Enuff created his own crew, named the Heavy Hitters. DJ Enuff initiated the DJ crew in called the Heavy Hitters. The mission of the Heavy Hitters is to unite DJ's across the country and abroad, helping to launch careers from DJ's to artists and spread the versatility of music. Today, there are over 81 members worldwide divided into five markets: East, West, Midwest, South, and International. These DJ's are proficient in all genres and can be found on TV, radio and online." - Wikipedia

So with that being said, I'm looking forward on this new adventure(s), I'm still going to be the same Perly - without a doubt! Stay tuned for more updates, announcements etc.. Via my social page and on here as well!

Happy New Year y'all! - Peace Perly x



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